Noah Cyrus is not a sexworker

… despite what thinks.

Now, admittedly my experience with such things is limited, but this hardly looks like a dominatrix outfit:

Noah Cyrus

It looks like a little girl dressed up as a sexy witch or sexy vampire, in a kind of generic way. Yes, the skirt is too short for a nine year old, but she hardly looks like a dominatrix.

The main pic write-off says she was ‘snapped’ in the outfit, which suggests she was caught somewhere wearing something she shouldn’t have been. She wasn’t. She was on the red carpet at a Halloween party fundraiser for the US Children Affected by AIDS Foundation.

Then there’s the anonymous quote:

Blogs and celebrity websites have been sent into overdrive with people outraged by the nature of Cyrus’ outfit at such a young age.

“What is she dressed as? A child prostitute?” wrote one web-user.

One web-user? On which website?

However, check out the readers who, almost without exception, bagged the story. G Hunt summed it up perfectly:

What sort of sicko sees a kid in a harmless junior witch/vampire costume and thinks to do a Google search on ‘adult dominatrix outfits’???
Posted by: G Hunt 5:24pm today
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So what, she’s just a kid dressing up. Want to give her a complex?
Posted by: Tony 7:31pm today
Comment 50 of 64

If this is considered offensive and is causing outrage…WHY is it being displayed on a popular news website for all to view? I am a firm believer that the country’s news outlets, who love to sensationalise and create drama, will hammer a story however big or small simply to sell more papers or advertising space on their website. I am getting more and more fed up with Australian media. No one needs to know about a famous girl’s sister’s halloween costume, which was worn in another country. I wonder how many people would know about this if the media didn’t promote it on their websites. What do we have to gain by seeing those pictures and reading that story?
Posted by: L of Sydney 5:19pm today
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Umm. it’s a costume, get over it and stop concentrating on it, as YOU are the perv. Seriously, she’s 9, don’t perv on a girl like that
Posted by: Lois 7:41pm today
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If actually believes this is a sexy dominatrix outfit, then their main pic is a pornographic image of a child. Since it’s unlikely they’re turned on by it, they’re using an image of a nine year old girl to generate some old fashioned outrage, which is called exploitation.

And now someone is going to have to explain to that child what a dominatrix is, and why she’s been called one by a website with millions of readers.

5 responses to “Noah Cyrus is not a sexworker

  1. WTF? God shits me to tears- where’s the freaking news for a start? How is this story news? They should be renamed “”. I wonder how many people will actually pay for their content once they start charging? I certainly won’t be!

    • newswithnipples

      Sometimes I think journalists forget that they’re writing about real people. I can’t imagine how that girl will feel when she Googles herself and sees what’s written about her. She’s just a kid in a Halloween costume. Sure, it’s too short, but part of being young is working out things like that, without having it splashed across news sites on the other side of the world.

  2. well written article (by you). some good points made –

    I have no more to say having exhausted myself lambasting (spelt wrong i think – makes it sound like I am cooking her in rosemary) nedahl Stelio!

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